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Know all about Dermatend from Dermatend Reviews

Dermatend reviews have helped many people decide if they want to go for this product and what they can expect. Here's telling you what you can expect.

The product

Dermatend comes in two forms-regular strength and extra strength. The regular strength is said to remove four moles, warts, or skin tags while the extra strength removes 15 of these. The active ingredients of Dermatend are Butter of Zinc, Sanguinaria Canadensis, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin.  Sanguinaria Canadensis also known as bloodroot. This bloodroot functions like an acid by eating away the moles, warts, or skin tags.

How Dermatend works

Dermatend pierces the root of the wart, skin tag, or mole and eats it up from the inside by the action of the bloodroot. If you follow the instruction given in the label to the last letter, you will see that Dermatend actually works. Before you apply the product, you will have to scrape the mole, skin tag, or wart and let a scab form over it, which usually takes a day. Do not try to pull at the scab but wait for it to fall off naturally and prevent any scarring. Based on the size, the scab generally falls off in a week or two. Dermatend comes with an antibiotic ointment, which should be applied to lessen the probability of scarring and do away with infection.

Dermatend reviews show that the discomfort you might experience while using this product is a burning sensation for about fifteen minutes because of the bloodroot, and if you do not follow the instructions properly, you will have to deal with scars next.  Therefore, keep the antibiotic close to you and use it as required.

Dermatend Reviews: Does Dermatend Work?

Dermatend reviews reveal that this product is made up of herbal ingredients that naturally and effectively remove warts, moles, and skin tags. Dermatend is flaunted by its makers as the most effective natural solution for skin tags, warts, and moles. It depends on its natural and organic ingredients to work.

Dermatend comes in two forms: The extra-strength Dermatend and the regular Dermatend. The extra-strength Dermatend is accompanied with a free healing balm.

How it works

Instead of surgically removing the wart, skin tag, or mole, Dermatend seeps into the root of the problem area to bring about its fall out. But it's absolutely mandatory that you follow the instruction as given for this product to actually work.

What you need to do

You will have to scrape your wart, skin tag, or mole before applying the Dermatend paste and then wait for the scab to form. You can use a cotton swab to apply the herbal paste on the scab. Although some people found that scraping was not needed, it's more effective when scraping is done.

One of the ingredients of Dermatend is the bloodroot which can cause pain when applied on the affected area. What it actually does is it dissolves the mole, skin tag, or wart more like an acid. However, despite the mild pain people still go for Dermatend as it works.

Dermatend reviews show that the side effects of this product are the burning sensation, and in some instances even scarring. But if proper care is taken, the scars wear-off in the long run.

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If you are skeptical about surgery for removing skin tags, moles, and warts and are looking for a safer alternative, think about Dermatend. This clinically tested mole, wart, and skin tag remover has been spoken very highly of in Dermatend reviews. Although there has been a small fraction of people for whom Dermatend didn't work well, but for the majority of the users it did what it promised it would--free you from moles, skin tags, and warts.

Therefore, as mentioned in Dermatend reviews, it is very important to follow the instructions as given in the product to get the best result. The instances where it didn't work for some people have more to do with not following the instructions properly rather than a problem with Dermatend itself. Although the product says that original strength Dermatend can remove up to 4 moles, skin tags, or warts, it actually removed more for some people. And the extra strength Dermatend can remove around 15 warts, skin tags, or moles as mentioned in the product label. A number of customers who used Dermatend mentioned in Dermatend reviews that as the product worked so well for them, they could use less quantity of it on one area and use the rest on other problematic areas of their skin. But whether Dermatend removes 4, 15 or more skin tags, warts, or moles, the bottom line is that it removes what it says it will remove and in some cases, have even exceeded expectations.

Dermatend reviews have shown that it works, it definitely works and it's a very effective and fitting product to use in your own personal space, your home. The numerous Dermatend reviews show that most of the customers are happy with the way Dermatend removed the moles or skin tags.

Ingredients used in Dermatend

Butter of Zinc, Sanguinaria Canadensis, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin.  

These natural products make Dermatend much safer than other products and procedures.